A Solid B.A.S.E. to Innovation within the NHS

Tamsin Holland Brown (Author)
Abstract 214 | Solid BASE NHS Downloads 121

Page 10-16

Telemedicine for Older Adults During COVID-19: A Literature Reviews

Mishleen Hallak (Author)
Abstract 261 | Telemedicine Downloads 63

Page 17-31

Assessment of the Possibility of Implementing the Strategy of Information Integration of Health Care Systems

Ozar Mintser, Natalia Sinienko (Author)
Abstract 122 | Assessment of the possibility Downloads 33

Page 32-36

Ontology-Based Approach for the Creation of Medically-Oriented Transdisciplinary Information-Analytical Platforms

Ozar Mintser, Oleksandr Stryzhak, Vitalii Prychodniuk (Author)
Abstract 142 | Ontology-Based Approach Downloads 34

Page 37-45

Health apps for children

Tamsin Holland Brown, Karl Prince , Jon Warner (Author)
Abstract 198 | Health apps Downloads 90

Page 46-59

The Future of Medicine and the Logic of Data Management

Ozar Mintser (Author)
Abstract 114 | Future of Medicine Downloads 37

Page 60-64

Secondary Nomination and Co-Referencing of Medical Terms in the Strategy of Harmonizing Indicators of Knowledge Assimilation in the Doctor's Portfolio

Ozar Mintser, Larysa Babintseva, Olga Sukhanova (Author)
Abstract 155 | Secondary Nomination Downloads 22

Page 65-71

Informational Analytical Representations of the Magneto-Electrochemical Theory of Life and Health

Ozar Mintser, Maksim Potiazhenko, Ganna Nevoit (Author)
Abstract 136 | Informational analytical representations Downloads 35

Page 72-79

Predicting Dengue in the Philippines Using an Artificial Neural Network

Bryan Zafra (Author)
Abstract 135 | Zafra.pdf Downloads 45

Page 80-89

Bias – The Achilles Heel of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Fara Aninha Fernandes, Georgi Chaltikyan, Martin Gerdes, Christian W. Omlin (Author)
Abstract 214 | Bias Downloads 77

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Michelle Cummings-Koether, Kristin Seffer (Author)
Abstract 92 | Foreword Downloads 24


Guest Editorial

Dipak Kalra, Horst Kunhardt, Georgi Chaltikyan, Ozar Mintser, Fara Aninha Fernandes (Author)
Abstract 85 | Guest Editorial Downloads 18

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