Published: 2023-03-20

The first issue of JAIR is dedicated to the primary field of Artificial Intelligence. The companion event to this issue was a workshop series and a conference with the title “Clashing Approaches to Artificial Intelligence – Finding New Ideas”, short AI Clash, that was held at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology in 2022. The aim of this issue is to look at different fields that AI Research can be applied to. The contributions for this  first issue do just that.



Michelle Cummings-Koether, Kristin Seffer (Author)
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Cordula Krinner (Author)
Abstract 38 | Editorial.pdf Downloads 23

Page 7-9


“Your conversational partner is a chatbot”

Noemi Funke, Katja Stadler, Heidi Vakkuri, Anna Wagner, Marc Lunkenheimer, Alexander Kracklauer (Author)
Abstract 239 | Chatbot.pdf Downloads 131 | DOI

Page 10-27

Acceptance of Artificially Intelligent Digital Humans in Online Shops

Madeleine Taglinger, Stephanie Jordan, Alexander H. Kracklauer (Author)
Abstract 129 | DigiHumans.pdf Downloads 62 | DOI

Page 28-49

TOPSIS-based Recommender System for Big Data Visualizations

Václav Stehlík, Mouzhi Ge (Author)
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Page 50-74