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The Journal of Applied Interdisciplinary Research (JAIR) is a new open access and peer-reviewed journal published by the Deggendorf Institute of Technology in Bavaria. It is a series of the Bavarian Journal of Applied Research (BJAS).  Different to BJAS, JAIR is an English language publication channel, and contributions should address interdisciplinary issues or be written from an int
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Future skills and key competencies and their use in employee development, considering new technological developments world-wide, including the most recent developments around machine production capabilities and AI technology, and added challenges in work environments, such as VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), will define the workplaces of the future. Hence, employees could be facing a possible skill-gap and therefore need to become skilled in ways that help them to remain competitive and to be able to work with the new technologies that will continue to be introduced.

We invite authors to submit contributions that explore the opportunities and challenges of global trends, and the solutions that future skills can provide.

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Current Issue

No. Special Issue (2023): Special Issue Digital Health - Proceedings of the DigiHealthDay 2022 a joint publication with the Medical Informatics and Engineering


A Solid B.A.S.E. to Innovation within the NHS

Tamsin Holland Brown (Author)
Abstract 83 | Solid BASE NHS Downloads 56

Page 10-16

Telemedicine for Older Adults During COVID-19: A Literature Reviews

Mishleen Hallak (Author)
Abstract 102 | Telemedicine Downloads 40

Page 17-31

Assessment of the Possibility of Implementing the Strategy of Information Integration of Health Care Systems

Ozar Mintser, Natalia Sinienko (Author)
Abstract 45 | Assessment of the possibility Downloads 18

Page 32-36

Ontology-Based Approach for the Creation of Medically-Oriented Transdisciplinary Information-Analytical Platforms

Ozar Mintser, Oleksandr Stryzhak, Vitalii Prychodniuk (Author)
Abstract 43 | Ontology-Based Approach Downloads 16

Page 37-45

Health apps for children

Tamsin Holland Brown, Karl Prince , Jon Warner (Author)
Abstract 80 | Health apps Downloads 51

Page 46-59

The Future of Medicine and the Logic of Data Management

Ozar Mintser (Author)
Abstract 35 | Future of Medicine Downloads 26

Page 60-64

Informational Analytical Representations of the Magneto-Electrochemical Theory of Life and Health

Ozar Mintser, Maksim Potiazhenko, Ganna Nevoit (Author)
Abstract 57 | Informational analytical representations Downloads 19

Page 72-79

Predicting Dengue in the Philippines Using an Artificial Neural Network

Bryan Zafra (Author)
Abstract 46 | Zafra.pdf Downloads 19

Page 80-89

Bias – The Achilles Heel of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Fara Aninha Fernandes, Georgi Chaltikyan, Martin Gerdes, Christian W. Omlin (Author)
Abstract 83 | Bias Downloads 48

Page 90-101



Michelle Cummings-Koether, Kristin Seffer (Author)
Abstract 37 | Foreword Downloads 11


Guest Editorial

Dipak Kalra, Horst Kunhardt, Georgi Chaltikyan, Ozar Mintser, Fara Aninha Fernandes (Author)
Abstract 28 | Guest Editorial Downloads 7

Page 8-9

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