Informational Analytical Representations of the Magneto-Electrochemical Theory of Life and Health

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Ozar Mintser
Maksim Potiazhenko
Ganna Nevoit


Magneto-electrochemical theory of metabolism, cell membrane, electromagnetic field, the phenomenon of life, complex medicine


The results of a theoretical study related to the role of the electromagnetic field in the process of realizing the phenomenon of life are presented. The aim of the theoretical study was to conceptualize a system of views on the role of internal electromagnetic fields in the human body for understanding the essence of the course of metabolism, the phenomena of biological life and health. General scientific and theoretical methods were used in this theoretical study. The main conclusions of the theoretical study were made as follows: 1. The life of a biological system is a process of magnetoelectric activation of its biomolecules, which starts and ensures their biochemical activity (coherent energy channeling - biochemical soliton flow) and determines structural integrity in their collective interaction of a single organism (transportation of solitons by water-energized structures - controlling soliton flow). 2. Modern deepening of fundamental knowledge to the level of the course of magnetoelectric processes at the molecular level in living biological systems is expedient to be fully integrated into medical science with a change of the electrochemical paradigm of metabolism to a magneto-electrochemical one. 3. Knowledge and understanding of quantum-mechanical features of biopolymers' functions in living systems, the understanding of their energy functioning, the organization of form and role of electromagnetic components is clearly the next step to deepen the fundamental knowledge of pathogenesis of diseases related to internal organs with a further approach to optimize their treatment and prevention.

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