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Michelle Cummings-Koether
Kristin Seffer



Welcome to our first edition of the Journal of Applied Interdisciplinary Research, short JAIR. This academic journal aims to provide a current and international overview of interdisciplinary research which is also done in an applied manner. The combination of these two types of research is a niche that has so far found little attention in academic journals and we are happy to close a previously existing gap by combining these two types of research in its own new journal. As this type of research is a growing field, it warrants its own journal. Various areas of academia are overlapping more and more, so we want to provide an opportunity for researchers to publish their interdisciplinary research in a journal dedicated to advancing this particular field, and committed to the exchange of ideas across academic disciplines.

The JAIR will be generally published annually, and each issue will be dedicated to a primary research field that will be the basis for contributions. The published issue will usually be in combination with an academic conference or exchange, but we welcome contributions from authors who want to add to the discussion, even if they did not attend the companion event.

Our first issue is dedicated to the primary field of Artificial Intelligence. The companion event to this issue was a workshop series and a conference with the title “Clashing Approaches to Artificial Intelligence – Finding New Ideas”, short AI Clash, that was held at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology in 2022. The aim of this issue is to look at different fields that AI Research can be applied to. The contributions for this first issue do just that.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all reviewers who have contributed so much to this issue with their high-quality reviews.

In 2023, additionally a special issue of the JAIR will be published that has the primary field of Medical Informatics. And a call for contributions for the second issue to be published in 2024 will follow in the Summer of 2023. We are dedicated to providing a valuable peer-reviewed journal with high academic standards for your research needs and look forward to your contributions.

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