Michelle Cummings-Koether, Kristin Seffer
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Page 502-503


Topical Clustering of Unlabeled Transformer-Encoded Researcher Activity

Zineddine Bettouche, Andreas Fischer
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Page 504-525

Resonant Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Biostimulation of Lepidium sativum - Short: ELF-EMF Beats

Jens Ebbecke
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Page 526-534

AI in Cosmetics. Determinants Influencing the Acceptance of Product Configurators.

Maike Netscher, Thomas Rehrl, Stephanie Jordan, Mara Roschmann, Daniela Seibel, Katharina Kill, Pearl Heppler, Marc Lunkenheimer, Prof. Dr. Alexander Kracklauer
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Page 535-548

Inpatient Caregivers' Perceptions of the Use of Passive Exoskeletons in Daily work - A Case Study

Lukas Schmidbauer
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Page 549-558

Proposing a Framework for Virtual Teaching at European Campus Rottal-Inn (ECRI)

Helana Lutfi, Rui Li, Thomas Spittler
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Page 559-569